Fleet Choices

Classic Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Classic Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine​​

The Classic Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine is a fun choice for Proms, Hill Country Wine Tours, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, or any time you want to cut loose and enjoy time with your friends. There is room for up to eight partiers. Because of limited luggage space, the Stretch Limo is not normally used for airport transportation

Some of our vehicles have played prominent roles in movies flimed in Central Texas.
The Classic Lincoln Town Car passenger compartment is equipped with a raisable divider to give guests privacy, and accomadates up to eight guests with seatbelts for each. The amenities include multiple icebins, champagne ice buckets, and plenty of space for drinks. We will normally provide glasses and champagne flutes. Texas law requires that you provide your own liquor. 

Black SUV

Black SUV​​

The Black SUV has  become the dominant choice in recent years for executive transportation. Our Black SUV is equipped with two captain chairs in the second row, providing second row guests a comfortable experience. There is room for up to six guests and all their luggage.